Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Watering

Do not forget to Winter Water.
At least once a month when weather permits.
Your Yard will reward you for it!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Corner Lot

This Project, Designed my designer Dianne, is the epitome of curb appeal

Dog Friendly Yard

Some projects do not happen overnight. This project Took 5 Years, working one area at time and a summer or two off.
700 Square Foot Patio
Basalt Bubbling Water Columns
Flagstone Wall
Boulder Wall
Privacy Fence

Lush Yard in Littleton

This was a compete redo in 2005.
New Walkways, plantings, and Irrigation System.

Back Yard Retreat in Littleton

This has been one of my Favorite projects. When I arrived on site in September of 2003 there was 8000 Square Feet of Dead Lawn.
The Objectives:
Reduce water Requirements
Make it Low Maintenance
Create a Path to the Shed and back
Several Seating Areas
Hide the Neighbors.
On a project of this size having one garden that covers 8000 Square feet will be very interesting, So I created 6 Focal Points / Gardens.
  1. Perennial Garden
  2. Fire Pit Patio
  3. Rose Garden
  4. Wild Flower Prairie Garden
  5. Romance Area
  6. And Grand Kids Lawn
I make it back every other year and just love spending time in this yard.

Clean Plan in Littleton

On this Project the Client was an Weenier by Trade, so the plants are spaced very precisely and the wall height and grade of the yard were studied at great length.

Reduced Sod in Lakewood

For this Project we reduced that amount of water needed by Planting Xeric plants and reducing the amount of sod while keeping the HOA happy and still fitting in with the neighborhood.