Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I recently participated in Channel 9 News - Gardenline 9.
Had a great time but had 3 callers asking about Rhubarb, specifically the flowering of the Rhubarb.
Yes, it is flowering too early because of our wacky weird, unseasonal Colorado weather.
It is best to cut off the flower spike at the base so that the flower does not use energy that should be going in to the leaves and stems.
Harvest is typically starts in May but may not be until mid June if the Sun continues to hide.

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Buffalo Grass

Typical Buffalo Grass Lawn
Typical Blue Grass Lawn (across the street)

Every year I get a few clients wanting Buffalo Grass; I am not a big fan of buffalo grass for a few reasons.
1- It has a dry- grey appearance
2- Because it does not green up until the Night time temperatures are in the high50's the weed will green up first making the weeds standout.
3-IT will not stand up to any traffic (Dogs or Kids)

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